This works better for my husband than anything we have ever tried
Ok Ya’ll, I am an actual customer and this review is a True Opinion……
This works better for my husband than anything we have ever tried….. This stuff REALLY WORKS!!
I love when he takes this…… He has always taken 2 pills a couple hours before time and WHAM! AWESOME PRODUCT!
He has no side effects with these like most other things he has tried…..He really enjoys these and we will hate to see these babies come to an end if they are discontinued like the rest! Anyway, We Love these and we will be a customer for as long as we can get them….!!! Powerful and they continue to work for 3 to 4 days…….. Happy Wife in Tennessee
-AprilDaze, September 6, 2014

This product is Great. I’ve have used another product in the past which was similar but, this one is far and above better, The “recovery” time is better the fast action after you take it is better. I can’t say enough about it, I am older but with this I was 18 again. You can’t go wrong with this I hope they keep it on the market for a long time to come.
-Brian R, August 4, 2014

This product works well for me.
Took 2 capsules about 2 hours prior to “planned activities” and was ready to go. Also had residual benefit for at least 2 additional days
-TexasBoy, October 6, 2014

The real deal
I like many of you who, have been searching all over the Internet, local shops, reviews online etc to find a product that really works. This product does exactly as it states!! I’m in my low 30s and take a medication that won’t allow me to become erect. I took sustain, and it actually worked, it not only worked but worked the next morning too. Additionally my workouts have become far more intense, and recovery has improved tremendously! Honestly, I was like you looking for a product that actually works, this is it. I like it soo much I may put it on auto ship.
-BigShooter, August 10, 2014

Surprised and Happy!
I received my first order and as directed took the two pills late afternoon on Friday. I am very happy to say Sustain really does work and the added bonus is no headache and no flushing. It is nice to find a natural supplement that I can purchase other than the generic version of a brand name drug that I have a prescription for through Kaiser Permanent that actually works much better and for a longer period of time. I certainly will buy again. This is my personal experience, hopefully yours will be just as enjoyable!
-LA90064, October 12, 2014

It Works
Works great! I take 2 capsules on Thursday, and effects last clear through until Monday or Tuesday. I personally experience no headache or upset stomach, only awesome results! Give Sustain a try if you are thinking about it. You won’t be sorry.
-Scott (South Carolina), October 6, 2014

Simply the Best…
This is simply the best product I have ever purchased in the male enhancement category. I personally did not experience any side effects. The effects of the products literally lasted for what seemed like a week. After trying the product and effects, I immediately ordered more. Guys, you will not be disappointed. This is the answer…
-GABuyer0073, August 12, 2014

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